Paid Follower - Terms & Conditions

UPDATED: 11.07.2020

Welcome to PaidFollower!

These Terms & Conditions shall only be considered as valid in the original English version, any translated versions might not be correctly translated since this is handled by a third-party service.

1. (Brand) is a platform that works with the Affiliate Marketing system, which gathers you subscribers (Follower / Subscribe) on a paid basis.
2. The brand and mechanism are unique and belong to us. Use in other places is prohibited.
3. The brand maintains control over the terms and conditions.
4. All information recorded during registration must be correct.
5. The confidentiality of this information is ensured (see Privacy Policy).
6. You must register and pay the connection fee and subscribe to the sponsors' 3 social network links (Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube) and share the 3 provided links on your social networks or websites. According to the plan.
7. Registration is not considered complete without fulfilling 6 conditions.
8. After 6 conditions are fulfilled, in response to the e-mail, you send where you shared and the payment receipt.
9. You will be given a unique ID.
10. You can invite referrals with the help of a unique ID.
11. The number of referrals for each Level is limited.
12. When you have fully invited and active referrals for each Level, at least Level 1 will be awarded to you.
13. If you have not completed Level 1 referrals, but any of your referrals is more active and has attracted more than 25 referrals, you will receive a Level 2 gift and will be paid in cash for additional subscriptions.
14. Depending on the plan, your income in each Level may be different, but the person who received Level 1 will get a subscriber for each referral and referrals on other Levels.
15. You subscribe to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 18 (6 Facebook, 6 Instagram and 6 YouTube) channels, depending on your plan and location.
16. All payments are made through the Payeer system.
17. Bank card number, etc. from anyone in the system. such confidential information is not collected.
18. Information about you is not passed on to third parties.
19. Your User ID (provided by the system), social network and links to your referrals for subscription and sharing.
20. The system can send you Advertising, Information, Warning and Invitation emails.
21. You will be able to see your Level information in your dropbox account at any time.
22. It is forbidden to unsubscribe from the sponsors you are subscribing to and you can be removed from the system without any payment.
23. You should treat yourself and other members with respect.
24. Payment is non-refundable.
25. No discount can be made without the consent of the administration.
26. Those who follow 6 rules and do not violate 22 rules will not be deleted from the system!
27. Additional referrals can be added to you by the system and sponsors, and from them you will receive subscribers and income in the same way.
28. You do not pay more than 50 USD to the system!
29. Your income will be transferred to your account via Payeer once a month.
30. You have a duty to help your referrals because you will win at every Leveled!

By paying 50 USD, you will already have 6 mln. Facebook, 6 mln. Instagram and 6 million. You will collect YouTube subscribers and this is not the maximum! Good luck!

How it works?


Join to our project

Pay $50, follow 3 pages and share 3 link in your social network.


Invite up to 50 refferals

If They not have 1 refferal at least 3 months. Otherwise, with 3 warnings will be deleted and you can invite new ones.


Your referrals can invite up to 50 referrals each

You can help your referral and earn more subscribers and money.


Get your money and subscribers monthly

You have already done a lot and now you do not need to do anything. You can help your downline to get more subscribers & money from them.